Privacy Policy


The privacy policy is one key component for ensuring user security and protecting user privacy.

The privacy policy is outlined in our policy on the handling and treatment of user data which includes personal information. This is the basis upon which Fone determines whether users have granted their consent to allow use of this data after being fully informed of how it will be handled. In addition, the privacy policy is a promise to our users on how we plan to handle and treat the information and data shared with us. 


■Fone Privacy Principles and Privacy Policy

The following are the fundamental principles of Line ’s privacy policy. 

1. Fone will specify the type of personal information it collects, and receives consent from users on the collection, use, and provision of the users’ personal information. 

2. Fone will specify the intended use of the personal information it collects. 

3. Fone will only collect information that is pertinent to fulfilling its intended use.

4. Fone will not use or supply the personal information it has collected other than for its intended use, unless it has received the prior consent of the user or is authorized or compelled to do so under the law. 

5. Fone will take measures to ensure that user data is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

6. Fone will take necessary security measures to ensure the safety of user data.

7. Fone will ensure, to the best of its ability, the transparency of its policies and practices on using and handling user data. 

8. Fone will provide users access to their own data and also allow them to make appropriate corrections. 

9. Fone will take measures to ensure its accountability.


In accordance with the fundamental principles above, Fone will comply with its policies and will not collect data/information that is unrelated to the appropriate delivery of services, and will not mislead users or sell user data. 


■ Policy practices 

Furthermore, another key component to protecting user privacy is to ensure that practices are consistent with policy. 

The privacy policy is, as its name states, a policy that is indispensable for ensuring security and protecting the privacy of our users. The next very important step is to ensure that the practices we are implementing are in line with this policy. 

At Fone, specialized departments routinely verify and confirm whether our privacy policy is factually accurate, and whether practices are consistent with policy. This is also carried out when services are launched or revised.


The latest version of the Fone privacy policy can be viewed on our website or app.